This list was compiled to:

  1. Help prospective students identify neuroscience programs at undergraduate institutions.
  2. Help neuroscience programs identify peer groups and standards at other schools.
  3. Help the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience recruit new members.


This list was compiled by scraping Google results.

  1. The list of institutions was scraped from the 2007 U.S. News and World Report list.
  2. For each insitution, the terms "Neuroscience Major" and "Neuroscience Program" were searched in Google, with the results restricted to the institution's primary domain. For example, for Albion College (, the search was restricted to
  3. The number of Google results was counted. A program was considered confirmed with >2 hits, possible with 1-2 hits, and non-existent with 0 hits.
  4. The identified programs, the top link from Google was stored as the likely program URL.

US News Ranking

US News rankings were included primarily because they came with the original data source (list of all higher ed institutions in the US). However, there are many objections to these rankings, some of which are reported here by a former director of data research as US News. As with any single number that is meant to represent a complex issue, you should interpret rankings with caution.


This list was compiled by Bob Calin-Jageman, Assistan Professor, Department of Psychology, Dominican University.

You should be able to use the links above to submit corrections, which will be reviews and posted promptly.